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Clearwater HQClearwater has been making hot tubs for 35 years. They are committed to protecting the environment and making hot tubs that are extremely energy efficient and conserve our natural resources. The floors are made with 100% recycled ABS, and they recycle 100% of their wood, plastic and cardboard waste.

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7 Reasons to buy a Clearwater Hot Tub from The Hot Tub Factory:
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Energy Efficient

Our spas only use $25 - $30… Unlike most hot tubs that cost $80 - $200 per month to operate, and that’s based on LIPA rates!!
This is because of many factors: 
          - They use a Reflective Thermal Barrier (RTB) Insulation, which provides an R-20 insulation 
             value. It harnesses the heat from the equipment, while reflecting the cold outside air away 
             from the hot tub.
          - A weather-resistant, full-insulated Dura Floor provides the foundation to lift the spa off the 
            cold ground to further insulate and protect the spa from moisture, bugs and other negative 
          - Engineered tapered covers provide an R-18 value of insulation to trap heat within our spas 
            and help save energy costs.

Naturally Clean Water…no chemicals!

The pumps move thousands of gallons per hour through the filtration system, so you never have to worry about your water being clean. And all Clearwater tubs have salt sanitation systems, so your water is naturally pure…no chlorine or bromine!

Built to Last

Clearwater uses a PVC pillar support system that won’t rot, rust or mold. They also developed a triple layer shell system that backs the acrylic with ABS instead of fiberglass, so it won't separate from the acrylic. The third layer is an eco-spray, which is reinforced with expanded metal. All of this means a hot tub that will last beyond your expectations.

Peace & Quiet

Clearwater uses 56-frame high performance pumps, which run cooler and quieter than standard pumps. With specially designed motor mounts and plumbing manifolds, you can enjoy the perfect massage with much less noise and vibration.

Comfort & Therapy

Using ergonomic research conducted on office furniture, modern medical therapy and space shuttle technology, Clearwater has developed the ultimate seating, to allow your body to be properly aligned and positioned. The seats are designed to reproduce professional massage techniques, such as Deep Tissue, Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai, Reflexology, and Physical Therapy.


Developed exclusively for Clearwater Spas, this award-winning cabinet system offers the beautiful look of tongue and groove wood cabinetry with the highest impact resistance of any cabinet system in the spa industry to date!

Water & Lighting

And of course we can’t forget the ambiance! The elegant lighting and unique water features including waterfalls and pop-up water fans will round out your Clearwater experience.

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