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7 Reasons to buy a Strong Spa from The Hot Tub Factory:
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The Industry’s 1st Lifetime warranty on a spa cabinet!

Unlike other spas, the Strong Spa cabinet requires no maintenance and will be just as beautiful in the years to come as the very first day. Wood frames will rot, warp and fade. Steel frames will rust and weaken but the DURA-LAST™ cabinet will never deteriorate and we guarantee it with the industry’s first lifetime warranty!

Energy Smart

Energy-efficient acrylic Strong Spas can run for less than 50¢ per day!
Our patent-pending, double-walled FORGE-CAST™ system reduces noise and is extremely energy efficient. The patent-pending ENERGY-LOK™ insulated cabinet base and walls have a unique double-walled construction that is filled with high-density, closed cell foam similar to a thermos or freezer, resulting in a highly-efficient thermal environment. The heat generated by the pumps in the internal cabinet air space is recycled and utilized by your spa, saving energy and money!
Our exclusive HydroDrive pump system powers more gallons of water per minute using less energy and less money! Our systems filter and heat more water and cost less to operate than even a standard 1/16 hp circulating pump and friction heater.
Our unique energy-efficient insulated base is integrated into our ENERGY-LOK™ cabinet system! It’s impervious to the elements, and more than 10x thicker than most standard 1/4” spa bases, saving you energy and keeping your spa hot!

STRONG's exclusive insulated Titan™ HardCover

Supports 2,000 lbs.! Fully-insulated, energy-efficient!
Guaranteed for life!
One of our most exciting innovations to date… Strong Spas™ exclusive matching granite resin Titan™ HardCover is manufactured using the same patent-pending system used in the Strong Spas™ cabinet system.
This unique ENERGY-LOK™ insulation system injects closed-cell foam between two solid resin walls, creating not only a highly efficient thermal environment but also the strongest spa cover ever made!
Using superior engineering, the Titan™ HardCover’s patent-pending Featherlite Invisible HardCover Lifter allows for smooth, almost effortless opening and closing of this innovative spa hardcover.

STRONG's exclusive space-saving, integrated Steps & Towel Warmer

Our integrated Foldaway Steps stay clean, dry and safe! With steps neatly folded away, children and pets won’t be tempted to climb into your spa when you’re not around. When opened, these steps light up automatically for nighttime safety... and style! Strong Spas exclusive Towel Warmer keeps towels warm and within reach!

A Commitment to the Environment

All Strong Spas are built with a commitment to the environment. Our DURA-LAST™ cabinet is constructed with partially recycled materials; helping to reduce plastic in landfills. The unique ENERGY-LOK™ insulation system injects foam into a closed chamber resulting in almost zero release of CFCs into the environment. Strong Spas uses an Isotec® shell rigidizing system on our Lucite™ acrylic shells instead of environmentally unfriendly fiberglass. This eliminates Styrene, a hazardous air pollutant, from the manufacturing process.
Strong Spa™ cabinets contain no wood or structural metal and are 100% Recyclable!

Therapy for Mind and Body

Strong's Acrylic Spas are designed for maximum hydrotherapeutic benefits. Dedicated neck & shoulder jets, pulsators and spinners isolate and massage the areas where most people carry tension.
Each Strong Spa is fitted with fully adjustable Waterway™ jets which allow you to control the pressure and direction of flow to relieve stress and muscle fatigue. Strong Spas feature incredibly comfortable seating featuring body loungers and captain’s chairs for as many as seven adults.

Naturally clean

Strong Spas equipped with ozonators naturally reduce the amount of chemicals needed to maintain your spa. And our Lucite shells are infused with MIcroban® antimicrobial protection for a cleaner spa environment.

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